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moving stage/mobile stage 1.22*1.22

we are professional on marketing various high quality aluminum stage equipments,moving stage,assembling stage,fibrous stage,glass stage,circle stage,semi-circle stage,china stage and so on.made in china

aluminum mobile stage/stage stair/steel layer stage/moving stage/assembly stage/ folding stage /combine stage/glass stage/adjustable stage/event stage/T show stage/ stage truss   height from 0.2 meter to  2.0 meter is available,1.22m*1.22m / 1.22m*2.44m / 1m*1m / 1m*2m

combined with stage board,stage brace,stage pillar and adjustable basement.the height can be adjustable from 0.8m to 1.2m,other height can be for your request.

 stage board a wide range of choices 

 A stage spec can be based on customer or project needs to customize 

 The stage is equipped with guard-rails, stairs and many other stage configure

Load bearing capacity:750kg/square

aluminum stageassembling stagefibrous stage