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aluminum truss300mm*300mm

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aluminum stage truss -screw type

main tube 50*3/4mm,brace tube 25*2mm.

description:this is biggest truss,mostly used in large scale acitivities and outdoor performance .the nomal length for one piece is 1-4m。

other shapes can be for your requirements.

Aluminium truss : length on 0.5m / 1m/ 1.5m / 2m / 2.5m / 3m / 3.5m / 4m,aluminium type T6 , main tube D=50mm and thickness=3mm

1)exhibition truss: 100mm*100mm / 150mm*150mm / 200mm*200mm / 250mm*250mm 

2)stage light truss: 287mm*287mm/ 290mm*290mm/ 300mm*300mm / 350mm*350mm / 400mm*400mm / 450mm*450mm 

3)heavy duty truss: 500mm*500mm/500mm*600mm /520mm*760mm/600mm*760mm/760mm*910mm